MgA. Daniel Špinar
born: 7. 7. 1979 in Prague, Czech Republic


  • 2003–2008 - Academy of performing arts in Prague (DAMU), theatre directing (master‘s degree)
  • 1998–2004 - Academy of performing arts in Prague (DAMU), acting (master’s degree)
  • 1994–2000 - Hotel school, Prague (Management and tourism)


  • from 2015 - artistic director of National theatre, Prague
  • from 2014 - theatre director of National theatre, Prague
  • 2010–up to now - freelance theatre director
  • 2008–2010 - theatre director in Theatre in Vinohrady, Prague
  • 2002–2005 - founding member and theatre director of the Theatre VALMET, o. s. 

Study visits

  • 2006 - intensive course of studying and performing ancient greek drama (Epidauros)
  • 2003 - theatre workshop of Lecoq’s method (Vic, Barcelona)


  • 2015 - Grand festival of laugh, Comedy of the year (My romantic history, Petr Bezručs' theatre, Ostrava)
  • 2014 - Mark Ravenhills' Award for best performance of new drama (My romantic history, Petr Bezručs' theatre, Ostrava)
  • 2013 - Josef Balvíns' Award, performance of the year, Prague theatre festival of german language (Cabaret Kafka, Na zábradlí theatre, Prague)
  • 2010 - Alfréd Radoks' Award, performance of the year (Wozzeck, Theatre in Vinohrady)
  • 2009 - Josef Balvíns' Award, performance of the year, Prague theatre festival of german language (Wozzeck, Theatre in Vinohrady)      
  • 2006 - People choice Award in Festival Zlomvaz (Homo ’06, DAMU) 
  • 2003 - REFLEX Award in Festival Zlomvaz, the best acting performance (part: Tim, Mark Ravenhill: Some explicit polaroids, Theatre DISK, Prague)

Theatre productions


  • Stefan Zweig: Bevare of pity, Estates theatre, premiere November 8th and 9th 
  • Moira Buffini: Welcome to Thebes, Estates Theatre Prague, premiere May 30th and 31st 
  • Benjamin Britten: Billy Budd, National theatre Prague, premiere January 18th and 20th 


  • Rebecca Lenkiewicz: Night season, Estate theatre Prague, premiere November 9th and 10th 
  • D.Špinar, 420 People and kol.: Frailty thy name is woman, National theatre Prague, New stage, premiere May 11th


  • Jane Austen: Pride and prejudice, National Theatre Prague, premiere November 24th
  • A. P. Chekhov: Three sisters, Estate theatre Prague, premiere September 8th
  • William Shakespeare: A midsummer night's dream, National theatre Prague, premiere June16th and 17th 
  • Vítězslav Nezval: Manon Lescaut, National theatre Prague, premiere February 11th and 12th


  • Ljubková, Tošovský: New blood - Expedition, Annexation, Charade, National theatre Prague, world premieres October 11th, November 1st and November 22nd
  • Anja Hilling: Protection, National theatre Prague, New stage, czech premiere November 12th
  • Leoš Janáček: From the house of dead, National theatre Prague, premiere May 14th and 16th 
  • Mike Bartlett: Earthquakes in London, National theatre Prague, New stage, czech premiere April 2nd


  • William Shakespeare: Othello, Estate theatre Prague, premiere December 18th and 19th
  • F. Čáp, V. Krška, V. Mixa: Night butterfly, Theatre Kladno, czech premiere October 17th
  • brothers Čapek: Pictures of the insects' life, National theatre Prague, premiere June 5th and 6th
  • David Adjmi: Marie Antoinette, Theatre Kladno, czech premiere February 15th


  • William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Švandas' theater, Prague, premiere December 7th
  • Vladimír Marek: Salome Brut, La Fabrika, Prague, world premiere November 11th
  • D.C.Jackson: My romantic history, Petr Bezručs' theatre, Ostrava, premiere September 27th
  • Maupassant, Daniel Špinar: Bel Ami, Theatre Kladno, premiere May10th
  • Václav Havel: The beggar's opera, Klicperas' theatre in Hradec Králové, premiere March 2nd


  • Julius Zeyer, Daniel Špinar: Dresscode:Amis and Amil, A studio Rubín, Prague, world premiere december 18th
  • Franz Kafka, Daniel Špinar: Cabaret Kafka (The letter to father), National theatre in Brno, Reduta, premiere November 2nd
  • Petr Kolečko: Icing, Theatre A studo Rubín, Prague, czech premiere September 15th
  • Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Armin Petras: Anna Karenina, Nathional Theatre Brno, Reduta, premiere April 27th 
  • Alexandr Grin, Daniel Špinar: Morgiana, Klicperas' Theatre in Hradec Králové, premiere March 3rd


  • Mrštík's brothers, Petr Kolečko, Daniel Špinar: Case Maryša, Theatre A Studio Rubín, Pragie, czech premiere December 14th
  • Choderlos de Laclos, Daniel Špinar: Valmont, National Theatre Brno, Reduta, premiere November 4th
  • William Shakespeare: The taming of the shrew, Shakespeares' Fest, Prague, premiere June 23rd
  • Nick Whitby, Ernst Lubitsch: To be or not to be, National Theatre Prague, Estate Theater,  czech premiere February 24th


  • Eurípidés, Petr Kolečko, Daniel Špinar: Case Médeia, Theatre A Studio Rubín, Prague, czech premiere December 5th
  • Moliére: L'Avare, Šalda's Theater, Liberec, premiere October 22nd
  • Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: The Seagull, Theatre Kladno, premiere June 5th
  • Henrik Ibsen: Hedda Gabler, Švandas' Theatre in Smíchov, Prague, premiere February 27th
  • Friedrich Schiller: Maria Stuart, Theatre in Vinohrady, Prague, premiere January 8th


  • Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov: Masquerade, Klicperas' Theatre, Hradec Králové, premiere October 24th
  • Zoltán Egressy: Portugalia, Theatre Kladno, premiere May 30th
  • Oscar Wilde, Petr Kolečko, Daniel Špinar: Case Salome, Theatre A Studio Rubín, Prague, česká premiere May 7th and 8th
  • Georg Büchner: Wozzeck, Theatre in Vinohrady, Prague, premiere April 9th
  • Olja Muchinová: Tanya-Tanya, Bezručs' Theatre, Ostrava, premiere January 23rd


  • Mark Ravenhill: Mother Clap's Molly House, Palce Akropolis and Theatre LETÍ, Prague, czech premiere November 3rd
  • P.- A. C. Beaumarchais: Figaro's wedding, Šaldas' Theatre, Liberec, premiere October 17th
  • William Shakespeare: The winter's tale, Klicperas' Theatre, Hradec Králové, premiere February 16th


  • Marguerite Duras: English lover, National Theatre Prague, Kolowrat, czech premiere November 22nd
  • Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevskyj, Daniel Špinar: Brothers (Karamazov), Theatre DISK, Prague, premiere September 27th
  • Egon Bondy: The visit of experts, ("The Bondy Shed" project), National Theatre Prague, czech premiere June 13th   


  • Petr Kolečko: Britney goes to heaven, Bezručs' Theatre, Ostrava, czech premiere September 29th
  • Jana Slouková, Daniel Špinar: Homo ’06, DAMU (U32), Prague, the project "Mens' Issues", czech premiere June 16th


  • Sofoklés: Élektra, Theatre in Celetná, Prague, premiere February 21st


  • Hal Salwen, Daniel Špinar: Hold on!, Theatre in Celetná, Prague, czech premiere February 21st


  • Choderlos de Laclos, Daniel Špinar: Valmet, DAMU (U22), Prague, czech premiere May 15th